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LAW & PUBLIC SERVICE MAGNET is designed and tailored to prepare and young people who wish to pursue careers in criminology, fire, forensics, medicine, law and political science. There is strong focus on critical thinking, problem solving and communication, enabling students to see the connections between their classroom curriculum and the challenges of today’s world. These Magnets are ideal settings for future doctors, fire fighters, lawyers, police officers and other professions related to the Public Service field.


Grades: 6-8  

At the Academy of Law and Public Service, Hollenbeck Middle School we believe in empowering student voices. Students will be given daily opportunities to speak and practice presentation skills, when students can speak in an informed manner about issues that are important to them their self-confidence grows. From our experience coaching students in the County Mock Trial competition we have seen students gain tremendous benefit from public speaking and performance. Virtually all of the students we have worked with have remarked that they were able to overcome shyness and aversion to standing out as the object of attention before an audience. As the students gained confidence in their performance we have seen an increase in self – esteem and the realization that they are able to accomplish much more than they thought they were capable of. This added confidence also seems to allow students to enhance their leadership qualities with their peers. In many cases the transformation from a shy and reticent student to a confident leader has been remarkable.

The Magnet Academy of Law and Public Service will be a center of excellence for preparing the next generation of legal professionals, law enforcement agents, public servants and community leaders. Our students will develop civic awareness of the challenges facing our world in the 21st century and will be prepared to meet those challenges. We will inspire students to lead, and to work for a more just and inclusive society.